The informatics is a branch of science which examines how the information which is an inevitable part of the human life at all aspects is generated, conveyed and used. It examines the nature of the information in the various formats such as the pictures, views, texts and statistics and its relation with the idea. For this, it is essential to obtain, classify, store and call the information for being used when required and direct it to the related units.

The informatics is a branch of science in which the implementations and studies are made related to the technology and the systems required for the collection, storage, processing, organization, classification, distribution and usage of the information. It finds a place for itself in the library works at the point of the organization and classification of the information and in the field of the computer and communication technologies at the point of the communication of the information. The informatics deals with the generation of the information systems for these purposes. More specifically, the informatics is a branch of science which is composed of the combination of the computer, communication and management sciences.