Agricultural Biotechnology Department


• To give education at undergraduate and postgraduate level for training qualified agricultural engineers and researchers for private sector and public organization.

•. To conduct researches for solving problems related to growing techniques and to generate sustainable solutions.

• To develop new sorts by using classical and biotechnological methods in plant rehabilitation fields.

•, To conduct researches for the popularization of the plant biotechnology and to instruct the education and training.

• Effective use of the environmental and natural sources, protection of the biodiversity and gene resources for the sustainable development and organic agriculture as considering the properties of our region where we are present.


To be department of which graduates are demanded and recognized and have reached at a certain level in the studies related to the field plants sciences, in the knowledge and technology generation, at the cultural and social activities, which makes cooperation with the national and international organizations which have activities in the same field in our country and world and meets the requirements for solving problems rapidly, effectively and with the sustainable manner.

To train the agricultural engineers, Agricultural certified engineers, Agricultural experts who are equipped with the current information related to the Field plants Agronomy and skills to use these information, who are able to produce solutions for field plants agriculture with the sustainable manner, who have high competition force in the globalized world,

To conduct the basic and applied researches for presenting the agronomic packages for supplying the sustainable high productive and qualified field plant products for the Eastern Passage region ecology for making contribution to the healthy and sufficient nutrition of our people, to make effort for providing the results of those researches to be practical at the consumer level are the objectives of the research activities