General Information

Tarim Ekonomisi

Our department has started its activities within Bingöl University, Faculty of Agriculture which has been established in 2007. There is already one research assistant in our department.

The Basic objective of agricultural economy department is to produce information which can be used in real life at national and international level and to realize research and application activities. In addition to this, to be an institution which is effective at the establishment of agricultural policies at national and international level makes contribution to the social development process, to be recognized at the international level and to have the effective communication and cooperation infrastructure with its stakeholders.

BASIC OBJECTIVE OF DEPARTMENT;  To make contribution to science and technology by training individual who are innovative, creative and thinking analytically by organizing education, research and publication activities proper with present day conditions for solution or problems related agricultural sector and effective usage and sustainability of agricultural resources at national level and particularly for Eastern Anatolia region where university is physically present.

For this purpose, the technical aspects of agricultural activities, when, where and how the other results which are obtained in other agricultural science branches will be applied are examined.

Bingöl University, Faculty of Agriculture, Agricultural Economy department is a higher education unit which gives the undergraduate education in the subjects such as the agricultural management, agricultural policy and publications. There is already one research assistant in department.

Our Vision :  To be department which is able to give qualified education training at national and international level, who has entered into effective and rapid accommodation process for information sources in coordination and sharing and cooperation with national and international organizations related to new technologies and world standards, which performs research and development activities, have undertaken current projects and makes contribution to regional, local, national and universal development by developed knowledge and technology.

Our Mission:  To train the entrepreneur individuals who have scientific ethics, who are equipped to undertake task in the future leader staff of the Turkish agriculture after having the qualified education where the basic science, economy and engineering disciplines are considered together under the universal values.