Milk Technology Department

Sut -teknolojisi

The Milk technology department is a discipline founded for conveying knowledge and experience which is required for providing milk which is indispensable nutrient of living creatures beginning from birth to consumers with fresh, healthy and hygienic manner and transform into other milk products such as yoghurt, cheese, butterfly and other milk side products and gives education related to this.

The Milk technology department which gives education at undergraduate and postgraduate level continues its education for milk and milk products with specific manner by means of its specialized staff. Educational and teaching program of department is regulated for maintaining required technical equipment for students related to the subjects such as increasing milk productivity, quality control activities in milk and milk products, foundation and organization of milk enterprises, evaluation of milk side products.

The Basic agricultural and engineering courses are instructed in the department in addition to the milk and milk products. The Information which has been obtained in the department courses are supported by laboratory and operation applications.


To achieve the advanced level in the milk technology education, to increase the number of the researches at the international level and to develop the mechanisms for transferring the research results into practice.


The mission of the milk technology department is to train the qualified milk specialists who are equipped with the participant, modern, theoretical and practical information, to prepare the projects for the development of food industry which will make contribution to regional and country wide economy, o inform the society related to food and nutrition subjects and make contribution to growing of health generations, to make the scientific researches which aim at developing the new food technique and methods and to discuss and release the results in the several platforms.