General Information


The Mission is to train the idealist graduates who have basic geography knowledge, who know how to generate information related to natural and human environment, and to manage and process this information by geographical information technologies. In addition to this, its objectives are to introduce the geography science to students together with its objectives, methods, technologies and tools and equipments, to present students an environment where they can take decisions and improve their skill of problem solving and multidisciplinary working abilities, to prepare a background where they can incorporate their geographical knowledge and skills with real life and current problems, to show that geography is such important for solving the problems which are encountered in present world by presenting the benefits of approaching to issues with geographical perspective.


Our vision is to train the innovative students who have adopted principals and basis of geography, thinking scientifically, senses environment as a whole, who can make logical synthesis at good level, having analytical thinking structure, who can accommodate with all kind of working conditions. Our vision is to provide students who desire to be preferred in formation of background for being academicians of futures, who desires to take place in national and international projects within framework of universal science, universal thinking and development to be information publisher scientist. Nowadays, the contests between world’s nations occur in the education of the young population and by the scientific works. Therefore, our department aims to train the students as the individuals who are innovative, knowing modern technologies and able to use these technologies in development of new methods, who can work all round, competitor, who loves people and country, able to establish with other people. The Employment and addition level for country will be determined for all graduates by means of the Faculty and Department website for measuring the success level and employment follow up and the annual inventory work and graduate follow up will be implemented.