Molecular Biology and Genetics is a field of science which examines vital and hereditary activities of all organisms in molecular level. In recent years, Molecular Biology and Genetics improves with a dizzying speed in the center of advances in technology, medicine, biochemistry, biophysics and genetics. At any time, new knowledge is added to the related literature, and technologies to reach the knowledge is continually changing and renewing. In our country and in world, need for scientists who is vision holder and will keep up with this dizzying speed is increasing day by day. 


Main objectives of our department in Molecular Biology and Genetics area are:
1-to give qualified education to undergraduate and graduate students
2-to save new scientific datas in this area with R&D activities
3-to bring up reseachers who can develop interdisciplinary ideas, produce information and knowledge
4-to actualise education, basic search and technology concepts integratedly
5-to contribute our country in getting place in international genetic research area. 


With our young and dynamic staff, we aim to be one of the leading departments in researches of molecular biology and genetics area by upgrowing individuals having professional competency and analysis and synthesis talent and by contributing to country science and technology.