General Information

Malzeme Matelurji

The Metallurgical and Material Engineering which forms the backbone of present world active research and business field is about design, development and production of composite materials consisting of natural and/or artificial raw materials, ceramic, polymer based materials of several formulations of those. Comfort which increases and more welfare demand will undoubtedly exist as the human being presents.

For this purpose, firstly the physical, chemical and biological properties of several materials we use should be transformed into more productive and useful materials that have to be improved. In addition, these increasing needs of many developing sectors such as defense, energy, communication and automotive industry have made it necessary to develop having the superior performance and new features. Because of its interdisciplinary structure, the Metallurgical and Material engineering forms the intersection between the natural sciences and the engineering sciences.

Its intricate structure provides opportunity for brilliant scientists and engineers come together and provide more creative and effective solutions for present and future problems. Also nanotechnology which changes our perspective for material in last decade is included in active research field of this department.
The graduates of this department can work in academic career as well as some business fields which are listed below having title of Material Engineer. .

  •   Metal Industry
  •   Ceramic Industry
  •   Polymer Industry
  •   Semi conductor Industry
  •   Coating Industry
  •   Defense Industry
  •   Machine Manufacturing Industry
  •   Automotive and Automotive side Industry
  •  Air craft and ship construction Industry
  •  welding materials production Industry
  •  metal forming and processing Industry
  •  surface treatments and coating Industry
  •  Electric Electronics manufacturing
  •  Magnetic material manufacturing
  •  Biomedical material manufacturing
  •  Quality control and supervision companies
  •  Non destructive inspection

 NOTE: Metallurgical and material engineering is not active for now


To train the engineers who may present the creative solutions for the present material problems and requests, and who are qualified and being researcher minded.