To make efforts to solve problems related to religious education with a participatory and sharing management approach respectful to universal values; to provide the opportunity to study at the

bachelor's, masters and doctoral levels for those who wish to grow in theology; to grow theologians who study religion from its original sources, interpret it on the basis of scientific evidence, enlighten the society on religion, can respond to their needs with correct information, have constructive criticism, respect different opinions and beliefs, are open to new knowledge, and are able to develop themselves. To contribute to the material-spiritual development of the society by protecting and improving our religious, national and moral values; to gain a prestigious place in the theological community with qualified academic research and publications; to play a unifying and fusing role between different ethnic elements and different belief groups in our country; to enlighten the public with solid information on religious matters.


To be a pioneer and model faculty preferred in Turkey, proving itself with the quality of education in national and international communities.