Schools of Foreign Languages are established with the aim of meeting the needs of universities for all kinds of foreign language education. They have two main goals. One is to offer compulsory foreign language education to students (for instance, a student in Department of Engineering), the other is to conduct an English Preparatory Program for students who are not proficient and whose departments’ teaching language is partially or completely English. Bingol University, School of Foreign Language offers compulsory English Course and Courses for Preparatory classes. Majority of students studying in the preparatory classes are English Language and Literature students. The other part consists of students who want to improve their English before their compulsory education even though they are not required to study it in their undergraduate programs.


School of Foreign Languages in Bingol University was established on 15 April 2011 with the decree No. 1595 of Government Board of Ministers. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Celik was appointed as the founding director of the school. Prior to the establishment of the school, eight English instructors conducted the first-year compulsory foreign language teaching through the Foreign Languages Department under the auspices of the Rector’s Office. Along with the new recruitments in 2012, the number of the English language instructors amounted to 12 while 2 Arabic instructors attended the school as well.


The extensive travel and transportation throughout the world require travellers’efficient contact and communication in accordance with their destinations. Beyond the personal, cognitive and social satisfaction, development level of countries and the welfare they provide to the public correlate directly with the qualifications that professions of each citizen require. One of these qualifications is to learn and use a foreign language in a satisfactory manner. Our mission is to ensure that the students graduate from the university with these qualifications.


Our aim is to carry out foreign language education in the light of knowledge and experience through taking into consideration talent and needs of the students. While performing permanent and usable language teaching, mental faculties of the students as well as the comfort of the classroom environment will be considered. Furthermore, we have set the goal to teach students a foreign language as soon as possible and enable them to use it effectively in their career. Developing and practicing more effective and different language teaching methods are also within the scope of our targets.