Child development program was opened in 2010.
Qualification Awarded
Students who fulfill all the requirements of the courses in the 2-year education plan successfully and gain at least 120 AKTS are given the Child Development Associate Degree.

Admission Requirements
Child Development in the field of vocational high school entrance exams to graduate or succeed in higher education .

Higher Grade Transition
Graduates of this program can continue with the 4 –year degree programs mentioned below, if they become successful in the Vertical Transfer Exam - Kindergarten Teaching - Child Development - Pre- School Teaching

Graduation Requirements
All courses of the Children Development Program, which equals to total 120 AKTS and at least 60 GPA out of 100, should be completed.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
nursery and pre-school educators in day care Early Childhood Educators in Institutions Teacher in Special Education Inclusion in Schools Student Coaching ( Helpful Tutorial ) Ministry of Education and Preschool Education in Municipalities Staff Home Child Care Hospital school is helping find jobs as educators .

Assessment and Grading
At the beginning of each semester each student must register and attend to classes at least 70%, and 80% for applications in order to take final exam. Students are subjected to for each course at least one midterm and final exam. Success grade, midterm exam (as the midterm grade homework, project etc. can be evaluated in the scores obtained from measuring instruments) contributed 40% and 60% in the form of contribution to the final exam. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. Final exam are required to obtain at least 50 points.