General Information


The objective of the Office Management and Executive Assistance Programme is to make contributions to the office works of the managers in the public institutions and organization and in the private sector enterprises and train the qualified labor force who can take duties to realize the office activities. To train the office managers and executive assistants who can give support to the management and technologic development speed of the business world is the objective of the department.

The today’s business world is in the rapid changing and development process and has arrived in a situation in which the new enterprise theories are generated and the implementations are tended. Within this structure, the secretary is not a profession making limited works and which has been acquired by chance and it has been transformed into a systematic structure realizing the duty determined for it within the organization.  The office management and executive assistance is a field whose importance is gradually increasing in Turkey and in the world. In today’s business environment, the personnel having information and skills in many fields are sought. The    office management and executive assistance education trains the qualified professional personnel having the information and skills that the organizations request and it plays an important role in the development of the professional secretary and executive assistance profession by gaining new dimensions out of the classical secretary concept. The programme aims to train the office managers having the consciousness of creativity, having the managerial decision making and analysis skills and having the modern protocol information and being able to use all kinds of office technologies,  establishing good human relations and using the office management principles and methods in a professional manner, being expert in the computer usage, being equipped with the information and skills by which they can take duties in the office activities, contributing to the office works of the managers in the public and private sector enterprises.