2015- 2016 academic year has started education.
Qualification Awarded
Once students have successfully completed all requirements and graduation requirements in the curriculum program, "Child Development" in the field are graduated with Associate degress.

Admission Requirements
Vocational School of Child Development is determined by OSYM in accordance with relevant regulation of the Department of Higher of Higher Education and become graduates.

Higher Grade Transition
Upon successful completion of his undergraduate studies conducted by OSYM in Vertical Jump Test (DGS) if they are successful; Early Childhood Education, Child Development Education and Child Development degree program can switch to vertical.

Graduation Requirements
Students, grade point average of at least 60 out of 100 are required to obtain a total of 120 ECTS for Child Development Program available in response to successfully complete all the course. Those below 50 points in the final exam is considered failed.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Graduates of this program can work at public and private kindergartens, nurseries, infant schools, child play rooms of child clinics, at related foundation and institutions, child press area, special education area, and child play areas of tourism and sport centers.

Assessment and Grading
Total value of 40% for the midterm exam, effective 60% for the final exam.