General Information


It is to train the medical secretaries that the health institutions and organizations need in the field of the medical documentation and secretary.


The ones completing the programme are given the associate degree diplomas and the title of the Health technician (medical secretary) due to the decision of the YÖK (Higher Education Authority) Execution Board dated 27.07.1992 and numbered 92.26.698.


The medical secretary is the health profession member who graduates from the graduate schools in which the associate degree training is given in the field of the medical documentation and secretary and keeping and archiving the medical records belonging to the patient in the period passing from the arrival of the patient to the health institution and to his discharging and realizing the coding operations of the diseases according to the international classification system and also realizing the communication and correspondence works of the administrative and medical units.


S/he arranges the patient’s appointment services

S/he realizes the patient acceptance operations

S/he notifies the patient regarding the operation of the institution and medical services

S/he keeps the medical records belonging to the patient

S/he realizes the communication and correspondence services in the administrative and medical units

S/he archives the patient files and the other documents deemed to be required and reports with the scientific methods and presents them to the service

S/he realizes the coding operations of the diseases-operations and the diseases whose problems related to the health are determined according to the international classification systems.

S/he  compiles the data related to the medical statistics and analyzes them with the scientific methods and reports the results periodically to the concerned people.


Speaking, listening, clothing, protocol rules, being motivated to the work, staying away from the stress, working with the director, effective diction, filing and archiving techniques, making coding by using the ICD-10 system from the medical records which are fundamental for the coding,

They get skills regarding the realization of the work correspondences and official correspondences.

Also, they have the skill of using the computer and keyboard (being able to write correctly and rapidly at least at the speaking speed without looking to the screen and keyboard) very well  as a result of the education of computer and 10 finger writing techniques that they have received during two-year period as a requirement of their professions and they have the information and skill regarding the graphics, string, design issues related to their professions as a requirement of these courses.


The graduates can take charges in the medical units such as the clinics, polyclinics, laboratory, operating room, emergency service of the private and public health institutions and also in the administrative units such as the health board, patient acceptance, patient files archive.

In parallel to the rapid change encountered in the health services, the demand to the ones completing this programme is gradually increasing at all private and public health institutions and organizations and the graduates have wide job opportunities


There is the possibility of the vertical transfer to the fields of the office management and secretary teaching and health institution management.