Being established on 29 May 2007, Bingol University Vocational School of Health Services started to offer education in 2009 and it is composed of The Childhood Development, Medical Laboratory Techniques, Laboratory Techniques in Pathology, Medical Imaging Techniques, Medical Documentation and Secretarial, Elderly Care, and Management and Organization programs. Teaching and researches have been maintained by 4 Assistant. Prof. Dr. and 14 lecturers.

Mission: It is to train dynamic, clear-sighted, and modern individuals who are well informed and skilled in profession, are equipped with the perfection necessary for the sector and marketing conditions, and have the speed and capability of following current affairs to work in the establishments and organizations that operate in the health sector. He needs to have the capability of showing a continuous development and moving to aim at performing the best service in direction of the learning objectives. His skills to set and keep communication needs to be high and his analytic way needs to be strong. He also needs to be inclined to team work and have respect for the ethical values coming with the profession. He should be loyal to our national values and Ataturk’s principles and reforms.

Vision: It is to reach an educational standard to compete at domestic and international levels by using advanced educational techniques, to develop new medical diagnostic and medical care programs in accordance with the needs of Health Sector and the society, and to keep being a favoured institution.