The program currently before the establishment of Bingöl Bingöl University High School Program in Accounting in training. Bingol University Senate's proposal, with the General Board of Higher Education meeting dated 04.02.2010 available in the college's name was changed to Vocational School of Social Sciences has been decided. This decision, along Accounting and Taxation program is linked to the Vocational School.This programme is established in 2009.
Qualification Awarded
Accountant Stuff, Associate's Degree.

Admission Requirements
High School Diploma, Placement through a nation-wide Student Selection and Placement Examinations (YGS-6), For foreign students, High School Diploma plus placement of the student by the university according to his score in Foreign Student Examination and student’s preferences

Higher Grade Transition
There are two ways to complete his/her college degree to undergraduate education. First, student have to pass DGS (Entrance undergraduate education Exam); Second, student can applicate AÖF (Anatolian University Distance Education System) without exam.

Graduation Requirements
Students who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum (120 ECTS) and have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) 60 out of 100.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Program graduates have a wide range of business opportunities. In the business world the private sector or the public sector, including all business in marketing, finance, accounting, banking, insurance, public relations, personnel (human resources) in the areas of industrial and commercial enterprises intermediate element as job opportunities find are. Some of these jobs are; • Certified public accountant, public accountant and a certified financial consultancy firm, • Large and small business finance, accounting, marketing, personnel, purchasing and public relations departments, • Several state agencies accounting, personnel departments and tax authorities, • Investment and finance institutions, • Public and private banks have the ability to find a job.

Assessment and Grading
The students are subject to mid-term, mid-work (projects, seminars, quizzes, homework or a second mid-term) and the final exam. Bingol University Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations item 31 and 32 are applied in the measurement and evaluation process.