Bingöl Vocational School ,then affiliated to Fırat University, was established in 1986. Upon the foundation of Bingöl University in 2007, the name of the school was changed into Vocational School of Social Science and conjoined to Bingöl University.  At first the school incorporated Business Administration and Accounting and Tax Applications programmes. By the year 2016, 27 academic and 7 administrative staff were assigned at the vocational school.  Our school incorporates seven different departments;  Department of Office Management and Secretary, Department of Banking and Insurance Business, Department of Accounting and Tax, Department of Property Protection and Security, Department of Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services,  Department of Marketing and Advertising and Department of Management and Organisation. The programmes under those departments are; Accounting And Tax Application, Business Administration, Office Management and Executive Assistant Training, Media and Communication, Public Relations and Publicity and Occupational Health and Safety. Students can enrol in both daytime and evening education of the abovementioned programmes. On the other hand, for the active programmes of our school there are distance education programmes as well. In addition to student education, our school pays important attention to scientific researches. Our school supports academicians’ scientific researches and tries to make contribution to social, cultural and economic development of Bingöl and our country.


With the education nurtured with the scientific researches, working methods and publication and guided by the scientists approved by the contemporary world, and in the light of Ataturk's Principles and Reforms, our mission is to train intermediate staff who are expected to be protective of Turkish Republic Institutions, eager to obtain information, innovative, has analytical thinking skill, equipped with a sense of social responsibility and highly self-confident.  


Our vision is to be a centre of continuous attraction particularly for students, staff and all shareholders with world class education, research and implementations.  Pioneering in the transformation of services offered by the school into social, cultural and economic prosperity, our school, as a unit of Bingöl University carries its own guarantee in its name. Either with the consultancy services provided by academic staff or internship applications, our vision is to harmonise our programmes with the business world and provide vocational school-industry cooperation.