The Department of Student Affairs adopts as a principle while serving the students, their parents, and the academic and administrative staff in a decent manner fit for the university and gives them the right and complete information in due time according to the academic calendar, behaves them in an affectionate and good-humoured way and guides the students to proper units. Our department carries out these services in the process with 1 department head, 1 chef and 5 officers from the first registration of the students until the graduation. The Student enrollment office does its job in accordance with the law of Higher Education Law numbered 2547.

Mission: Giving the administrative services that the students and the academic units need in due time and cooperating with the other units in the realization of the training-education activities in our university and ensuring the perfect keeping of the records belong to the students and evaluation of the information and arrangement of the documents within these activities.

Vision: Presenting the qualified service in the national and international standards together with the scientific and technological developments, enhancing the students’ satisfaction to the highest level and taking place on the top among the departments whose services are appreciated the most in the eyes of our students.