Bingol University was established as a new force to contribute to the higher education in Turkey, as decreed by Article 5662, enacted after its publication in the Official Gazette on 29.05.2007. In its inception, the university consisted of 3 faculties, 2 institutes, and 2 vocational schools. In time, the university has grown to have 8 faculties, 5 vocational schools, and 4 institutes. Besides, School of Foreign languages and of Health Sciences were established. The university offers all levels of degrees: two-year professional degree, undergraduate (B.A.) as well as graduate degrees (M.A. and PhD). Evidently, the university has been trying to be one of the most dynamic, advanced and successful educational institutions in Turkey.

First Building
First Building (Faculty of Agriculture)



Faculty of Arts and Sciences / Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Theology / Faculty of Engineering and Architecture / Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences

Faculty of Agriculture / Faculty of Veterinary Science

Genç Vocational School

Solhan Vocational School of Health Services