What is Erasmus?

The aim of the programme is to improve the higher education quality in Europe and empower the European vision. This aim can be summarized as the offering of the good practices present in different countries of Europe to the benefit of entire Europe. The Erasmus programme tries to achieve the mentioned aims by promoting international cooperations between universities, enabling student and educator exchange in Europe and contributing to the recognition of academic degrees and the improvement of transparency.

How can we utilize student exchange programme within the scope of Erasmus?

The Erasmus programme is open to the benefit of the 27 member countries of the European Union; Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, not members of the Union but the European Economic Area; and Croatia and Turkey, candidate members of the Union who are participating in the LLP/ Lifelong Learning Programme.

What should we do to participate in the programme?

To participate in the programme, you should follow the application announcements for the next semester on our university web site ( and banners attached on the specific places at our university and follow the steps specified.

Is GPA (Grade Point Average) important?

GPA is important during mobility activities. Points in respect with GPA were specified in the Erasmus application handbook prepared by the National Agency. According to this, an average of 2 over 4 and 70 over 100 is required.

What is the procedure to be followed after passing the exam?

Students who pass the exam and get an approval are still ERASMUS CANDİDATE STUDENTS until they receive their visas. After the approval procedure, students should get in contact with the department coordinator and fill, sign the forms required for the application fully and originally, and send the forms to the universities applied.

How are the countries divided into groups?

The National Agency divides the countries into groups and determines the amount of money is carried out by. While dividing the countries, their living conditions are taken into consideration.

Why do we pay to the consulates for visa although we have received a letter from the university for visa?

Receiving a visa letter from the university is to provide for the receiving of a visa easily. Demanding money for visa of some of the embassies and consulships is under their initiatives because these institutions are independent and this kind of procedures are completely related with the countries they are dependent.

Why do we prepare three learning agreements (LA)?

LA means learning agreement and a document must be signed by the institutions and individuals involved in it to be valid as an agreement. The student, the host and home universities must each hold one of the three signed LA copies. In case any of the necessary documents or signatures are missing or  the number of copies is less than three, this document will not be valid as an agreement.

Why do we prepare two grant agreements?

The reason behind preparing the grant agreement as two copies is to provide the receiving of each party one copy in order for the document to become valid as an agreement, just as in LA. The student can take one copy, after both of the copies of the grant agreement are signed.

Why do you want a health policy?

The student participating in the Erasmus Mobility is not obliged to submit a health policy. The aim of taking out a policy is taking precautions against possible problems that the student may face. Giresun University doesn't oblige the student to take out a health policy, however some consulships may demand the opposite. Therefore, you should attain further information on the subject from the consulates before taking out a health policy.

Why do you want a warrant of attorney?

The reason why we want a warrant of attorney is to provide that the transactions needed to be carried out here in Turkey are taken care of as if the student is still in Turkey even if s/he is abroad. It is not an obligation but a precaution.

Why do we need a EURO account?

The reason why you need to open a Euro account is that the money transferred from the NA to the universities in Turkey is transferred as Euro's and the money in the universities' account is available as Euro. Therefore, the money present in the budget of the university as Euro will be transferred to the student as Euro.

How are the dates on the grant agreement determined?

The date on the grant agreement is determined according to the date specified in the letter of invitation. Payment will be done according to the date of the letter of invitation, therefore; the time the student will pass abroad must be indicated clearly.

Why are the dates on the grant agreement written as month and week?

The time on the grant agreement must be written as month and week, because the amount of grant is calculated on the basis of month and week.

How will we find accommodation at the university we will study abroad?

The accommodation for the time period you will stay abroad is generally arranged by the host university. The host university will guide the student, however; in some universities accommodation is to be arranged by the student her/himself.

When will the grants be paid?

After the students submit all of the documents, the grant will be in their account in a week.

Will they meet us in the countries traveled?

Wether to meet the students at their arrivals at the airports, bus terminals or train stations is under the initiative of the host universities. There is no binding clause for that matter.

Will be the grants be enough for the time period we stay there?

The amount of the grants is determined by the National Agency taking the life standards of the countries into consideration. For that reason, that amount may be satisfactory at certain places with a considerable expenditure. However, you should keep in mind that the grant disbursed to students is not a wage but a scholarship given to meet their expenses abroad. Another point is that the sufficiency of the amount depends on the expenditure of the student.

Will the courses in the host university be instructed in English?

Whether to hold the courses in English or the language of the country is totally under the initiative of the host university. Therefore we suggest our students make conscious decisions and inquire the universities they wish to apply to in advance during the Erasmus application period.

The students who went to France and Italy before indicate that the courses are not in English. What should we do in such a situation?

As universities located in the Western European countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.) give priority to education in their own language and as in all universities except for some the mother tongue is based on, the language of the country is valid as the medium of instruction.

Can we take a language course and its grant in the host university?

Other than the Western European countries (France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.), taking grants one may benefit from the languages of countries (One should check the Erasmus Operational Handbook to see the list of countries included).

Which universities may I apply to?

Each department has agreements with different universities. And these universities are monitored only after the application dates are officially declared via the websites and during the application.

Do I have to submit all the required forms before receiving the grant?

The grant is not paid until all the documents indicated in the contract are submitted.

How am I to fill in the course equivalency form?

The equivalency form monitors which course selected in the Learning Agreement corresponds to which course in the home university. As it is about the selection of courses, it should be filled with the aid of the department coordinators and be signed by the department coordinators and head of the department and his/her executives.

My Letter of Acceptance has not arrived yet, what should I do?

Every university has a different system. Some universities can send their letter of acceptance earlier than the expected time; some others can send it later. If the process evolves later than expected, you can send an email to or call the host university with the help of the department coordinators to kindly ask for the sending of the letter of acceptance.

I didn't get a copy of the Learning Agreement before sending them to the host university, what should I do?

Before sending the Learning Agreement to the host university, a copy of it should be attained. If you failed to do so, the unsigned Learning Agreement should be sent by the host university via fax.

Shall I do the course registration, I haven't been granted the visa yet?

There is no warrant of being granted a visa, even if applied being within the Erasmus programme. If no visa is acquired, it is mandatory to register for the courses and continue the educational term.

I will continue my education via the Erasmus programme in a university abroad, which university am I to pay the school fee to?

The school fee is paid to the domestic university within the period the Erasmus programme is attended.

Will I register at and choose my courses in Giresun University before going abroad?

After the finalization whether to become an Erasmus student or not within the Erasmus programme, no registration, and thus no selection of courses will be carried out.

What is a student charter? I am out of town, is it possible that I don't retrieve it?

An Erasmus student charter (Erasmus student status)

I will get the warrant of attorney from my hometown, is it possible that I bring it to you?

The warrant of attorney is required so that the person representing you may carry out the transactions in your name, in case of any problem that may arise in means of money transactions or student operations; as it is not mandatory, it is possible that you don't procure it. If a warrant of attorney is to be procured, for the person being represented to be known and to be official, a photocopy of the warrant should be submitted.

Can a student utilize from the Erasmus Programme the year s/he started university?

The student may apply for the Erasmus programme not the first term of the starting year, but at the end of the second term.

Can a student who has a two-year degree apply for the programme?


Can a student participating in the programme during MA, also participate in the programme during PhD?

It is not possible to benefit from the Erasmus programme more than once in the status of a student.

What is the advantage of the Diploma Supplement (DS) in practice?

The Diploma Supplement provides diploma accreditation when a graduate student of the Giresun University applies for a master programme of a university abroad.

Where can we find the codes to be written on the grant agreement?

The codes to be written on the grant agreement may be found scanning the Erasmus application handbook.

I completed my studies abroad, what should I do to take 20% of the grant?

There are documents to be submitted in order to be able to retrieve the %20 grant. These documents are; a transcript to be retrieved from the host university; the confirmation sheet which clearly states the time spent abroad; the student activity report form which may be found from the Erasmus application handbook and may aid the students in clearly stating their satisfaction or complaints; and the photocopy showing the passport entrance and exit. after the complete submission of such documents the remnant of the grant is paid in.

I went for two semesters but stayed for one. What should I do?

Calculations are carried out taking into consideration the confirmation sheet confirming the exact time period spent in the university, which is among the returning documents and is obliged to be brought back or sent back by the host university. According to the calculations, the student repays the bank the grant of the period he/she did not continue as an Erasmus student.

What enforcements do I face if I return before the activity period scheduled by the host university is completed?

In case the students return before the scheduled activity period due to obligatory matters (familial reasons, health reasons and etc.), leaving the amount of grant corresponding to the period spent abroad to the student, the repayment of the extra paid grant is demanded. Furthermore, in case the student does not complete the activity period without giving any justification, the entire grant is retrieved. In any event, any student going abroad taking the Erasmus grant, may not become an Erasmus student for the second time.

How are the ECTS credits in the course adjustments arranged?

The ECTS credits are arranged according to the difficulty of the course and the pre-study before the course. For instance, a course in the Engineering Faculty the credit of which is 4 may have a greater counterpart of ECTS than that amount.

I'm a disabled student; do the same conditions apply for me as well?

When considering the conditions of accession to the Erasmus programme, our disabled students are not at any disadvantage; in contrary they have advantages both during the assessment period and the receiving of the Erasmus grant.

Is there a possibility of not being paid the %20 grant upon my return?

Just as the student is granted the right to travel abroad upon showing the required success during the application period (the student is naturally granted the Erasmus grant in return as well), he/she may face certain sanction in return for failures.

I'm on the waiting list in the exam, what am I supposed to do?

The reserve students have to wait for the placement of the original students. After the original students are placed, the reserve students are given their chances if there is space available.

I would like to change my choice, what can I do?

In order for the students to change their choice, it is required that there be spaces available. As long as there are spaces available, what is required is the submission of the petition approved and signed by the department coordinator.