The Project Proposal of Our University Received Support From TÜBİTAK

The project coded 1001 'Point Riemann Transformations' carried out by Mehmet Akif Akyol from the  Department of Mathematics was entitled to be supported by TÜBİTAK.With the project, 'Point Riemann Transforms' between multiple expanded multiplicities (manifolds), which have important application areas in mathematics and physics, will be defined and the geometry of manifolds will be examined through the help of these transformations.

Giving information about the project, Assoc. Dr. Akyol said that the most appropriate way to compare two geometric structures is to define appropriate transformations between them. Akyol stated: "With this project, 'Point Riemann Transformations', which will make a name in the geometry area for the first time, will be defined, many new problems and new results will be revealed and defined through the concept, and a connection will be established between physical optics and geometric optics through the help of new transformations. Within the scope of the project, the infrastructure of the studies to be carried out in this area will be created. Especially with the project, which is related to important fields like physics and engineering, it will also contribute to the development of many projects that have the potential to be applied in different sectors”.