Three New Bee Species were Discovered and Named

As a result of the joint research carried out by  Res. Assistant. Dr. Emin Kaplan from Bingöl University, Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection; Prof.Dr. Erol Yıldırım from Atatürk University Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Plant Protection and Dr. Christian Schmid-Egger from Zoologische Staatssammlung München (Germany), 3 new bee species were discovered and named.

The results of the research done in the field of beekeeping, in which 3 new types of bees were discovered, were published in Zootaxa, one of the most prestigious journals in the field of zoology in the world. Of these bee species named etymologically; Priocnemis (Umbripennis) bingolensis sp. nov. In Bingöl Province, Priocnemis (Umbripennis) Diyarbakirensis sp. nov. In Diyarbakır Province, Agenioideus (Mimochares) karsensis sp. nov. were discovered in Kars Province.  These bees,  belonging to the Pompilidae family from the Hymenoptera order, are also called spider wasps as they feed on harmful spider species in agriculture. The bees,  generally living as solitary dark-colored bees, have a substantial role in biological control considered an alternative to chemical control in agriculture and  form a significant circle in the biodiversity chain.