What is informatic?

Informatics is a branch of science that examines how information, an indispensable part of human life in all aspects, is produced, transmitted and used. It examines the nature of information in various formats such as pictures, images, texts and statistics and its relation to ideas. Hence, it is essential to obtain the information, classify it, store it, and call it for use when necessary, and direct it to the relevant units. Informatics is a branch of science in which applications and research are carried out on systems and technology necessary for the collection, storage, processing, organization, classification, distribution and use of information.

Informatics at the point of organization and classification of information finds a place for itself in library studies, and at the point of communication of information it takes advantage of computer and communication technologies. For these purposes, Informatics deals with the production of information systems. It aims to produce complete and useful information systems by first determining what the information system to be produced is, how it will be designed, and then what this design will be carried out with. More exactly, informatics is a science that combines computer, communication and management sciences.

Reason for Establishment of the Informatics Department

Executive Board of the Council of Higher Education following the discussion of the subject of opening an Informatics Department within universities and high technology institutes has stated that;

· Establishing an Informatics department affiliated to the rectors of universities and advanced technology institutes in order to make the necessary organizations and arrangements for teaching basic information technology subjects to all students of universities and high technology institutes, and to coordinate and actualize the lessons,

· Coordinating and implementing the following courses as compulsory and elective courses by this established department

· Assigning the Middle East Technical University Informatics Institute to assist the orientation training of the lecturers who will work in the specified departments.

· Universities and high technology institutes in order to train instructors for the Department of Informatics should contact with the Middle East Technical University Informatics Institute.

· Assignment of research assistants to the stated Institute to do postgraduate education in this field without the need for a re-exam in accordance with the Postgraduate Education and Training Regulations.