General Information

Our Mission: To provide the usage of the personnel, machine-device and financial resources in the most effective and efficient way within the framework of the budget opportunities with the current legal arrangements for the realization of the service and activities within the scope of our department in the economic and effective way for the purposes of making contributions to the Rectorate Central units and affiliated Faculty, Graduate School, Institute, Department and centers. 

Our Vision: It is to be a department equipped with the technological opportunities, reflecting all the contemporary and scientific developments to its works, which is an example with the service that it will give by evaluating its resources in the best way with its personnel who are experts in their fields, creative and innovative within the university.

The department of administrative and financial affairs has taken its place in our university administrative institution organizational chart due to the requirement of the statutory decree numbered 190 with the combining of the Support Services Department and Controllership Department taking place in the statutory decree numbered 124.


  • They have been formed within the framework of
  • Being beneficial to the community
  • Modernity
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Being participative
  • Reliability
  • Transparency service and quality understanding.


  • Giving impertinence to competence and success of the administrative employees
  • Being respectful to the universal values and human rights
  • Having the ethical understanding
  • Following a management policy open to the development
  • Using the resources effectively
  • Being fair and consistent in the management
  • Supervising the freedom and discipline together
  • Being open to the technological development
  • Being open to the corporate communication