General Information


1. Making the projects of the building and facilities,

2. Preparing the tender dossiers,

3. Executing the tenders related to the construction, maintenance and repair,

4. Making the maintenance and repair works,

5. Controlling and receiving the land and constructions,

6. Ensuring the follow-up, arrangement of the statistical information and their reaching to the related places,

7. Executing the works related to the central heating, boiler room, cold room, generator, ventilation systems and telephone switchboard and environmental arrangement and similar works,

8. Providing the most appropriate and most effective usage of the current resources such as the human and material for the realization of the service activities in the economic and effective way,

9. Auditing the activities of the affiliated units, and conveying their results to the General secretary and providing the information flow,

10. Auditing the affiliated personnel continuously and periodically for ensuring the realization of the department’s works within the framework of the determined quality, amount and time standards with the least cost.

11. Determining the policies in harmony with the general policies and group policies at the management level regarding the activities mentioned as the unit’s fundamental function and which are directly managed and making suggestion to the general secretary in this issue,

12. Preparing the annual work programmes by making cooperation with the related units and presenting them to the General secretary,

13. Ensuring that the subordinates understand the determined policies and the implementations of the determined activities will be realized.

14. Determining the targets and standards oriented for the future with the personnel, place, material and other resources allocated to the unit for the execution, directing and evaluation of the unit activities,

15. Programming and charting of his/her own and his/her subordinates’ activities for the realization of activities determined as the fundamental function as effectively, economically and qualifiedly. Trying to bind the routine works to the forms and simplifying of the works and conveying the result to the general secretary.


It is responsible for the realization of the duties given to him/her with the university legislation and this instruction in accordance with the constitution, law, decision and such legislation and for the usage of  authorities in due time against the General secretary.

About us

The duties of the Construction Works and Technical Department have been defined in the K.H.K. (statutory decree) numbered 124 regarding the Administrative Organization and Duties of the Higher education institutions. Within this framework, the duties of our  Construction Works and Technical Department which has been established within the body of our university are as follows; 

Making the projects of the building and facilities and making feasibility duties, 

Calculating the costs of the works to be tendered, preparing the tender process folders, executing the tenders and finalizing them, 

Controlling the constructions and receiving the finished ones, executing the maintenance and repair works, 

Executing the works oriented for the providing of the water, canalization, electricity, communication need of our schools in the campus and in the districts uninterruptedly, 

Ensuring the operation of facilities such as the central heating, boiler room, cold room, electricity, generator, ventilation systems and making their maintenance and repairs or making them done,

Preparing the investment programme of our university and the investment budget oriented for this programme, 

Making the landscaping works of the campus and other units, 

It is to ensure that the investments and projects made and to be made from the supplementary budget and out-of-budget resources of our university are realized in the most rational, most economic and most reliable way. 

While realizing these works, the contemporary campus understanding in which the students, academic and administrative personnel will meet all of their needs and in which they can realize the vocational and academic works is considered and implemented at all levels. 

Within this content; the Construction Works and Technical Department is currently realizing its works related to this field of duty with 3 engineers, 3 consultant technicians, 2 electricity technician, 1 electric mechanic, 1 official, 1 driver.