OUR MISSION: It is to develop the performance and quality criteria with its financial service oriented structure and providing the effectiveness of the process of notification of the shareholders and accountability with the principles of consistence and transparency and  to realize the financial decision and control in accordance with the legislation.

OUR VISION: It is to be an example department giving services at the international standards by forming a strong technology infrastructure in the direction of our objectives with our hardworking, creative and dynamic staff.

The implementation of the strategic plan in the public sector has come into prominent with the I. Programmatic Financial and Public Sector adjustment Loan agreement (PFPSAL–1) signed with the World Bank at the date of 12th July 2001. The purpose of the agreement is to support the medium term reform programmes oriented for the financial sector and public administration. In the Emergency Action Plan published at the date of 3rd January 2003 after this agreement, it has been mentioned that the strategic planning would be started to be implemented as the public administration reform. Within this framework, it has been foreseen that the public institutions would prepare the strategic plans in the 2004 Year Programme and Financial Year budget Macro Framework Higher Planning Board Decision dated 4th July 2003 and numbered 2003/14.

Following this decision, the establishment of the Strategy Development Directorates and Strategy Development Departments has been foreseen for the purposes of the realization of the duties mentioned in the 15th article of the law regarding the making changes in some laws numbered 5436 in addition to the 60th article and in the 9th and 60th article of the “Public Financial Management and Control Law” numbered 5018 enacted at the date of 10th December 2003 and the Budget Department giving services as being affiliated to the Ministry of Finance has been closed as of the date of 31/12/2005 and the Strategy Development Department has been established as being operational as of the date of 01/01/2006, and it has been foreseen that the personnel would take charge temporarily till the date of 31/12/2006. The organizational charts of the mentioned units and the realization of their activities have been determined with the “Regulation on the Working Principles and Procedures of the Strategy Development Units” having the decision number of 2006/9972 published on the Official Journal numbered 26084 at the date of 26th May 2006.

The duties of the Strategy development department;

  • Coordinating the strategic plan and performance programme of the administration and executing the works of coordinating the results,
  • Preparing the administration budget including also the budget estimations of the following two years in accordance with the strategic plan and annual performance programme, monitoring and evaluating the compliance of the administration activities to these,
  • Preparing the spending and financing programme within the framework of the budget principles and procedures to be determined in accordance with the legislation, ensuring the sending of the allowances to the related departments by considering the service requirements,
  • Keeping the budget records, collecting and evaluating the data related to the budget implementation results and preparing the financial statistics with the budget final calculation,
  • Accruing the administration incomes within the framework of the related legislation and executing the follow-up and collection transactions of the income and receivables,
  • Executing the accounting services, preparing the administration’s activity report by also being based on the department activity reports prepared by the spending units,
  • Issuing the condensed statement regarding the immovable and movable properties under the ownership or usage of the administration,
  • Coordinating the preparation of the administration’s investment programme, monitoring the implementation results and preparing the annual investment evaluation report,
  • Executing and finalizing the financial works and transactions of the administration requiring its follow-up at the other administrations,
  • Executing the preliminary financial control activity,
  • Making studies in the establishment of the internal control systems, implementation and development of the standards,
  • Providing the required information to the upper manager and spending authorities in the issue of the implementation of the other legislation related to the financial laws and giving consultancy,
  • Realizing the other duties to be given by the Rector in the financial issues.