The vision of our university Revolving Fund enterprise; It is to act as a directorate which is contemporary, developing itself, following the innovations, being aware that the best service will be service given in due time, which is rational, esteemed and having self-confidence, giving importance to the realized work, being responsible, oriented for generating service, being respectful to the community, environment and ethical values, which does not generate problems, but eliminates these problems in the direction of the University Management Board Decisions within the framework of the laws and regulations.

Our mission; can be evaluated as the executing of the administrative, financial and technical works of our University Revolving fund enterprise in a way appropriate to the law, by-law, regulation, directive working programmes, budget principles and management principles, making the collection of the revolving fund incomes obtained in provision of the works and services given within the framework of the revolving fund regulation by the academic staff who are charged in the education-training, research and implementation unit or departments affiliated to our university, providing the purchases of the goods and services demanded to be procured  for the revolving fund activities and paying the debt arising in the name of the enterprise to the right owners in the direction of the legislation verdicts, accruing the revolting fund progress payments and allowances to the academic and administrative personnel of our university,  issuing the documents related to the incomes and expenditures, executing it in accordance with the unified accounting system, making the budgeting as a part of the strategic planning, executing the revolving fund official correspondences with the internal and external units, training students related to the accounting and financial tractions, etc.. Shortly, it is to obtain the maximum productivity with the minimum possibilities.