The Press and Public Relations Directorate which works for introducing and making the Bingöl University integrated with the public  follows a planned and intense programme. The directorate works with the press institutions and representatives and assists to the press representatives in the issues of learning the news related to our university and reaching to the news. The Press and Public Relations Directorate tries to convey to the press representatives the information compiled related to the developments and investments in our university regarding the issues deemed to be beneficial to be conveyed and announced to the public in the requested duration as the bulletins and to prepare of the information requests coming from the press representatives. In addition, the requests coming from the public are also answered and the integration of the university with the public is realized. The Press and Public Relations Directorate prepares the scientific, cultural and sports activities realized throughout the year and also makes the required attempts for the publication of the declarations made from the Rectorate with/without image and videos to be broadcast on the press and broadcasting organizations. The publications related to our university that take place in the printed press are compiled by this directorate as the clipped items and they are regularly archived. This directorate which gives services to the Bingöl University students and public also gives the promotion and guidance services. The activities such as the panel, conference, concert, show, exhibition are also organized by our department.