Editorial department

Our establishment: The editorial department has been established within the body of the General Secretary with the decision of the management board of our university has made.

Legal basis: It is doing its duties within the framework of the 51st article of the Higher education law numbered 2547 and the duties of the editorial department take place in the 27th article of the statutory decree regarding the administrative organization of the higher education institutions and the higher education authorities numbered 124 also covering this article. 

The duties of the editorial department are as follows:

  • The correspondences referred by the general secretary. (In-house and out-house correspondences)
  • Out-house correspondences of the faculty, graduate school and institutes.
  • Preparation of our university senate and management board; forming the annexes belonging to the related agenda; giving notification regarding the meetings to the senate and management board members; writing of the decisions made, reproducing them and distributing them, and recording of the decisions.
  • Follow up of the secret correspondences.