"The Prophet Muhammad Is An Example Not Only For Muslims, But For All Humanity"

Within the scope of Bingöl University 4th Book Fair, the panel "Example of the Prophet from the Life of a Muslim" was held, in which Prof. Dr. Adem Apak from Uludag University Faculty of Theology and Prof. Dr. Adnan Demircan from Istanbul University participated as speakers. The moderator of the panel held on Monday, May 30 was Mustafa Topal, Mufti of Bingöl. Speaking at the panel, Prof. Dr. Adem Apak stated that the exemplary personality of our Prophet Muhammad is not just an example for Muslims, but his exemplary personality is an example for all humanity.

We Need to Understand the Prophet and He Should Be at the Center of Our Lives

Prof. Dr. Adnan Demircan said, "If you ask who should be an example in the life of a Muslim while giving information about the life of the Prophet, it should always be the Prophet."

“Our Prophet is an example not only for Muslims, but for all humanity”

Uludag University Faculty of Theology faculty member Prof. Dr. Adem Apak stated that the Prophet (pbuh) is the only and absolute example for Muslims with reference to the Qur'an. Apak said, “For us, it is the divine justification of the science of sirah, in which the example of the Prophet is conveyed. It is also proof that learning is obligatory on behalf of Muslims. He is the best example.