As a thriving residential campus, Bingöl University campus is a platform for a wide range of recreational options and it has so much to offer, and the students can get involved in their favourite activities. All the faculties and the schools are situated in the campus and the campus includes a modern dining hall and cafeteria.

Bingöl University hosts many events such as concerts, lectures, panels, confences, and as a result, students can choose from many activities to improve themselves and broaden their perspectives. In addition, the university offers a huge variety of sport activities, students organizations and peroformances and all these keep the university lively for students.

The lively campus of Bingöl University is situated in the downtown.The transpostation to the campuscampus is supplied by buses and they stop at the designated stops near the campus.It takes 5 minutes from town center to the campus by these buses. The campus is 12 km far from Bingol Intenational airport and the transportation from the airport to the campus is supplied by shuttles.

The students do not experience any problem about accommodation. Students stay at the dormitories of Credit and Dormitories Institution they can also benefit from private dormitories. Furthermore, there are many houses to be rented in Bingöl.

Eating on campus is an important part of campus lise at Bingöl University.In the student dining hall which is situated in the campus, there is wide range of foods offered in the control of registered nutritionists. All dining locations are located on campus and students can benefit from breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our department provides primary health care services. All the medical services are free of charge to all the university staff and students. Our students and staff can make use of medical services between 08:00 and 17:00 on weekdays. In order to benefit from our health assistance, exchange students and visitors are strongly recommended to have an international health coverage before arriving in Turkey.  It is also possible to have health coverage for a specific length of time from a great number of insurance agents in Turkey.


  • First aid and immediate treatment applications
  • Making patient charts and follow-up processes
  • Providing consultancy service

Bingol University hosts Conferences, seminars, panels and syposiums and students have the chance to meet with different people, and they also have the chance to push the border of their understanding. Carrying on its scientific activites, the university holds a scientific meeting every week. Furthermore, the university encourage students to engage in clubs and lead a wide range of cultural and social activities, and thus it contributes to the formation of a social environment on campus.

The Library of Bingöl University is primarily intended for academic search and it provides students with the opportunity to do researches in all fields and borrow books free of charge. Located in a comfortable and modern building, the library is composed of thousands of sources and books, and it subscribes to a vast array of electronic reviews and databases. Students can find free access to these items, and they can also borrow printed books free of cost.

The university has 6 modern and fully equipped computer laboratuaries. The students have the opportunity to practise their theoretical information in those laboratuaries. Also, there are computer laboratuaries and internet cafes in the campus for usage of students in their spare times.

Whether you are interested in sport or other spare time activities, our campus has a wide range of facilities and through these facilities we seek to encourage our students to to engage in sport and social activities. So, whatever you are interested in, the campus has something for you.

  • Sports hall with basketball, volleyball, badminton.
  • Basketball Court
  • Volleyball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Swimming Pools
  • Turkish Baths
  • Thermal Pools
  • Leisure Center