Bingöl University, one of the 17 new universities, was established on 29 May 2007 after the publication of Law No. 662 in the Official Gazette.

In the year the university was founded, it consisted of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Faculty of Agriculture, the School of Health, the Vocational School, the Vocational School of Health Services, and the Institute of Social Sciences and the Institute of Science.

In the following years, Bingöl University continued its development in terms of physical infrastructure, research activities, number and quality of academic and administrative staff. The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture (2010), the Faculty of Theology (2011), the School of Foreign Languages (2011), the Institute of Living Languages (2011), the Faculty of Veterinary (2012), the School of Physical Education and Sports (2012), the Institute of Health Sciences (2013), the Faculty of Dentistry (2013), Genç Vocational School (2015), Solhan Vocational School of Health Services (2016), Faculty of Health Sciences (2016), the Institute of Qur’anic Recitation (2019), and the Vocational School of Food, Agriculture and Livestock (2020) were established within the body of the university.

For now, education-training-research activities are carried out in our university in 9 faculties, a school, 5 institutes, 6 vocational schools, 21 research centers and a laboratory. There are a total of 186 programs and 15090 students, consisting 82 associate degrees, 52 undergraduate, 40 graduate and 12 doctorate programs.

University campus ,located in the center of Bingöl, has a total area of 1,371,288,59 m2, of which 1,172,739.26 m2 is open area and 198,449.33 m2 is closed area. In the Central Campus, where the education and training activities are held, there are a modern library open to the students 24 hours a day, a sports complex with football and basketball fields, an indoor sports hall where they can engage in sports activities outside the classroom, and a congress center that can host scientific and art activities such as symposiums, panels, workshops, concerts and exhibitions.

Bingöl University Practice Hotel and Thermal Facilities are source of healing for visitors. There are a 36-bed hotel and a total of 6 indoor pools consisting 2 thermal pools at 42 °C for men and women, 2 pools below body temperature, and 2 thermal pools. The facility, which consists of 2 Turkish baths, 2 saunas, a restaurant, and massage and relaxation rooms, has a very modern outlook. All systems of the facilities are controlled via computers with automation programs. In addition, the facilities are used as a practice area for students studying in the Physiotherapy and Tourism and Hotel Management programs.

Our university was selected as a pilot university in two important areas in 2017 and 2018. In 2017, it was selected as a pilot university in the field of Agriculture and Basin-Based Development within the scope of the "Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization" Project and in 2018, within the scope of "Digital Transformation" in Higher Education.

As a specialized university where nature meets technology, Bingöl University has managed to attract attention with providing education, research and development at national and international standards in a short time by using up-to-date information and technology in terms of education-training and R&D infrastructure, and with academic performance and success as well. Also, it has managed to attract attention as one of the universities that have made significant progress with its applications and practices.

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