The reason for the existence of Bingöl University;

· To train individuals with the qualifications needed by the region and country,

· To expand its academic activities in line with the understanding of lifelong learning of people of the province and the region,

· To carry out research activities for the solution of local problems in a way that also contributes to the universal knowledge,

· To contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of the province and the region by designing education, training and research activities to be a pioneer in the Agriculture and Basin-Based Development model,

· To provide a stimulating and productive education, training and working environment for its academic and administrative staff.


Our vision is to set a good example for other universities by adding value to the social, economic and cultural assets of the province and the region, and by using its material and human resources effectively in a way to pioneer the Agriculture and Basin-Based development of the region; thus to be a preferred university nationally and internationally, especially in its own geography.