General Information

Our Vision

Bingöl University Continuing Education Research and Implementation Center (BÜSEM) will pay attention to act in accordance with some principles while realizing its objectives:

Primarily, arranging the education programmes to be given other than the associate degree, undergraduate degree, post-graduate degree and PhD at the Bingöl University and making contribution to the development of the cooperation between the university and the public and private sector and international institutions and by this way;

Showing sensitivity to the public problems arising from the lack of knowledge and realizing our duties as an educational and institutional unit in the elimination of these problems;

Gaining credibility as a learning center and ensuring the creation of a good brand name inside and outside the university, and this way ;

Protecting and developing the competitiveness and cooperation in the continuing educational activities among the units within the university;

Supervising the distribution of income acquired from those activities among those concerned in terms of labour and contribution.

Our Mission

Beginning from the creation of human beings, education has become a crucial part of our life in different ways. The information, skills, and experiences that we acquired consciously or unconsciously as the time passed have been passed down from generation to generation and have built the cultural, social, and economical background and infrastructure of the today’s world.

As a center in the new world order in which the international community has been re-organized rapidly and the distances get closer and the trade markets get closer, our mission is to provide opportunities forthe individuals to have problem solving and analytical thinking abilities with effective communication strategies in addition to the deep knowledge in the fields related to their professions that will contribute to their career in developing different opportunities in the changing world conditions.

Also, to be a pioneer in the training of the individuals who are conscious and focused on their objectives and playing effective roles in the development of the country economy by integrating the contemporary information at all fields of the life and the values specific to our culture.


The Continuing Education, Implementation and Research Center (BÜSEM) has been established in accordance with the 14th article and sub-item numbered 2 of item (d) of the first paragraph of the 7th article of the Higher Education Law numbered 2547 and dated November 4th, 1981 and started its activities after being published on the Official Gazzette dated January 12th, 2011 and numbered 27813.

The main objective of the BÜSEM is to develop the social capital. In other words, it is to minimize the cost of the opportunity or alternative cost through developing the skills and general knowledge of the individuals and this way maximize their contribution to the total production.

For fulfilling this objective, organizing courses with or without certificates is inevitable. It is possible to separate the programmes that the BÜSEM implements into three main groups. These are short term programmes, training programmes specific to the institutions, and certificate programmes. At the end of the programme, the PARTICIPATION CERTIFICATE or the SUCCESS CERTIFICATE is given to the participants. The success certificate is given to the participants ensuring the attendance condition and succeeding in the examinations and the participation certificate is given to the participants of programmes in which there are no examinations or to the participant who do not enter the examinations even though they are compulsory or who are unsuccessful but have attended at least 70% of the courses.


Our objective is to organize courses and educational, sport, and cultural programmes other than the formal education, e.g., the associate degree, undergraduate degree, post-graduate degree. The intention is to contribute to the development of the city, and thereby the country, and also to develop the cooperation among the university , public and private sectors, and international institutions.

Revealing the training requirements of the public and private institutions and being in cooperation with those concerned via evaluating our solution suggestions presented for them is another objective of our center. Directing our experienced staff according to the coming demands from the institutions for on-the-job training, inservice training, certificate programmes, themed seminars, conferences to the various segments of the society and sectors in accordance with its objectives and contributing to their job to be a more qualified workforce and institution is one of our primary duties.


As BÜSEM, for gaining the ability of acting in due time and rapidly, we open courses by evaluating the trainer or trainee proposals coming to us. Generally the procedure is in this way but in some exceptional situations, we try to open an innovative course if we find enough applicants.

Also, we enable our academic staff and trainers outside the unversity having the necessary qualifications who want to give courses on their professional fields to give lectures. This is possible by filling an application form and we help them open the course that they want to open. Because as BÜSEM, we give priority to the trainer proposals coming to us.