Organizational Purposes

  • To support education, practice, and research activities related to Zaza language and culture in Bingöl in faculties, colleges, and vocational colleges.
  • To ensure that people's faith and cultural values are investigated.
  • To contribute to the promotion of the Zaza language and culture in Turkey, especially in Bingöl, using the communication tools correctly and reliably.
  • To organize conferences, panels, and symposiums on these issues and to contribute to the cultural richness in Turkey by providing access to large populace.

Areas of Activity

  • To conduct extensive research, study, and practice in various areas related to the language; to conduct research on the regional Zaza language; to analyze it with academic definitions.
  • To gather data about languages, to describe collected data and examine them within the framework of institutional linguistic concepts, to synthesize the domains of these languages with social life in the light of scientific data.
  • To compile oral cultural values of Bingöl and its region using oral and visual means; to examine, classify, and publish classical culture products such as folk dances, folk tales, mani, folk songs, idioms and ryhmes, which are kept alive by the people and folk poets of the region.
  • To investigate the interactions between settled culture and nomadic culture in Bingöl, intercultural fusion and their social life effects, and to develop joint research projects with education and research institutions in Turkey and abroad in other areas mentioned above.
  • To establish a documentation center in the center, to provide master and doctoral studies on the works collected in the central archive.
  • To prepare a wide range of bibliography on the language, to make publications, to create a library of published works related to work areas.
  • Organizing and participating in symposia, conferences, panels, seminars and similar activities in line with these aims.