2021-2022 Academic Year Opening Ceremony was Held

The opening ceremony of the 2021-2022 Academic Year of our university took place by the President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Ali Erbaş's "From Knowledge to Consciousness under the Guidance of Islam" conference  on November 18, 2021. It was attended by  Bingöl Governor Kadir Ekinci; Bingöl Deputy Mayor Sait Kolak; Prof. Dr. İbrahim Çapak, Vice Rectors, Secretary General, academicians, students and citizens.

Giving the first lecture with the conference "From Knowledge to Consciousness under the Guidance of Islam", Prof. Erbaş said: “When people establish their relationships with themselves and the universe under the guidance of revelation, they will turn the meaning crisis and existential depressions present in individual, social and global dimensions into seclusion.” Furthermore,Prof. Erbaş stated that the Islamic society, which has made a great scientific development since the first century of revelation, broadened the horizon of humanity in all fields of science in a period of approximately 7 centuries -from the seventh century to the Renaissance- and it was the pioneer of science in theoretical and practical dimensions. Addressing the youth in his speech, he continued: “Dear young brothers, each of you are here for knowledge, you aspire it. You will spend your life on the path of science. I congratulate your enthusiasm and determination. Muslims have never classified science as Islamic/non-Islamic in the current sense. Muslims, with great self-confidence, have not hesitated to face the ancient acquis of humanity,and  they have overcome the challenges of other cultures and internalized the ancient knowledge by melting it in the pot of revelation.” “Selfishness Underlies the Global Crisis”

Emphasizing that the basis of many problems and crises lived through  globally today is the selfishness of the Western-centered understanding of science in its view of man, the universe and life, and the morbid and paradoxical approach of man in the context of his relationship with God, he underlined: “In particular, when the indispensable tie between God, existence, the universe and knowledge is severed, humanity falls into a deep meaning and grave moral crisis. When the unity in question is disintegrated, the balance between reason-revelation, religion-science is also disturbed. Those who postpone reason in the name of religion and those who postpone faith in the name of rationality  damage the truth in the same way. In the Islamic scientific tradition, revelation and reason, judgment and wisdom, morality and wisdom are not separated from each other,they are seen as the integrity of creation and a requirement of tawhid. In the information age we live in, although it is very easy to access information, it is getting harder and harder to reach the right information. In the information age, we witness that knowledge and truth are prone to manipulation.”

Making the opening and greeting speech of the conference, Prof. Çiftçi stated that after a long break, starting face-to-face education and scientific  / cultural programs have made them happy. Dr. Alkayış told the students about  the stages of career planning and what they should pay attention to in this proces. Informing students on YLSY (selection and placement of students to be sent abroad for graduate education) scholarship and the importance of English, Dr. Akyüz stressed on the importance of language learning, he said, "Every student who wants to study abroad and improve themselves must have a good knowledge of English." Dr. Ayna also shared his experiences on accommodation and life  in England. Ayna pointed out the importance of having  different perspectives. Dr.  Dilsiz, on the other hand, talked of education in the USA and highlighted what conditions await students who will go there and what should be taken into account before they leave for it. He also stated that education abroad adds positive values to students  and offers a brillant education opportunity.