“Being Conscious Youth” Conference Held


The "Being Conscious Youth" conference, organized by the Vocational School of Social Sciences of our university and attended by Üsküdar University Founding Rector Prof Dr Nevzat Tarhan as a speaker, was held online. The moderator of the conference was Prof. Dr. İbrahim Çapak, Rector of our University. The speaker of the conference, Prof. Nevzat Tarhan, said that in order to be a conscious youth, one must know himself and have certain goals, and that an individual who cannot lead himself cannot lead a team.

Talking about the world education system in the 20th century, Prof. Dr. Tarhan said that the education system in our country is unfortunately built for academic success. Stating that in the 21st century's skills, education systems no longer only care about technical skills, but also social, life and emotional skills, “Conscious young people with these skills can become their own leaders. You can't be the leader of a team, a class, if you can't be the leader of yourself. The individual must be the captain of his own ship. A conscious young person who does not have these characteristics cannot be a good family man, a good manager, a good person in later ages.

Thanking for being invited to the program, Prof. Dr. Tarhan said, “I came to Bingöl years ago upon your invitation. Again, it was a nice conference titled 'Meaning and Purpose' that we held for young people. I congratulate our Rector, Prof. Dr. İbrahim Çapak, who made this conference for young people take place. As a university, it is very valuable that you give importance to such projects. There are some things that don't take effect right away, they come out later, we even see the effect after a few generations”.

Our Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Çapak, who was the moderator of the conference, said, “On behalf of our university, I would like to thank Nevzat Tarhan for taking time out of his busy schedules and accepting our invitation. There is so much to say about him. In his books, he wrote works that could almost be medicine for today by touching the most important points that humanity needs and benefiting many fields. We know that he has a lot of activity in the fields of social responsibility. We see that he continues his activities tirelessly. I would like to express our gratitude to him in this regard”.