Our Rector Prof. Dr. İbrahim Çapak "We want to hear the good news of the Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation"

Rector of our University Prof Dr İbrahim Çapak met with the national and local press members of our province at the Ilıcalar Application Hotel and Thermal Facilities at the '2021-2022 Academic Year Evaluation Meeting. Rector Çapak, who informed the members of the press about the 2021-2022 academic year at the meeting, pointed out that they applied to YÖK for the opening of 4 new faculties, and that they saw the Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation as the most suitable for Bingöl among these faculties.

“Our University is in a very Good Position among the Universities of the Region”

Emphasizing that Bingöl University is in a very good position among its peers based on its foundation years, Çapak said, “Our university has very good departments and programs. The stage we have reached is now more quality than quantity. To date, we have around 24 thousand graduates. Currently, we have close to 16 thousand students. We have surpassed well-established universities in the number of publications and citations per capita in the Web of Science, URAP and AD indexes. We are the first among the regional universities. Through our international office, we continue to cooperate with 55 universities from 25 different countries in the field of student and lecturer exchange programs.”

“We have applied to the Higher Education Institution (YÖK) for the Establishment of 4 New Faculties in Our University”

Rector Çapak stated that they applied to YÖK to bring the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculties of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation to our university, and said, “Among them, the Faculty of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation is ready in terms of infrastructure. If the existing Gynecology and Children's Hospital is transferred to our university with the construction of a new hospital, we aim to establish this faculty here. Necessary meetings were held with relevant institutions in this regard. We also have instructors trained in this field. In addition, thermal waters have been brought up to Kaleönü District. However, we need the support of our press, public opinion and political institutions in order to accelerate these works. There is a high probability that our President will come to our city in August. We would like to hear the good news of the establishment of our Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Faculty from our President.”