"Tajvid Workshop" was Held

"Mushafs Review and Recitation Board Presidency - Recitation Science Institute Tajvid Workshop" jointly organized by our University's Institute of Religious Studies and the Presidency of Religious Affairs was held on November 18, 2021 at Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Congress Center in 4 sessions.

The workshop was attended Prof. Dr. İbrahim Çapak, Chairman of the Mushafs Review and Recitation Board  Hafız Osman Şahin, Prof. Dr. Nihat Temel, Prof. Dr. M. Emin Maşalı, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Dağ, Assoc. Dr. Muhammed Abay, Vice Rectors Prof. Dr Hasan Çiftci, Prof. Dr. Ramazan Solmaz and Prof. Dr. Yasin Erdoğan; our Secretary General Lecturer Mesud Öğmen, deans, directors of institutions, academic-administrative staff, students and guests.

“It was a need and we were aware of it”

Making the opening speech of the workshop, Prof. Çapak said, “It is an important day for us,because the science of recitation is very vital for our region. The madrasa tradition in our region is so strong, but we have weaknesses regarding recitation. Taking this issue into consideration, we established the first Recitation Center in Turkey in 2017. Additionally, we established the first Institute of Recitation Science in Turkey at Bingöl University in 2019. It was a need and we were aware of it. Hopefully,  we will be able to eliminate our deficiencies in reading the Qur'an and call to prayer  by means of this institute and our recitation center. I believe it would be a good and productive workshop.Our professors who are experts in the field of recitation in Turkey are with us. We attach importance to our recitation workshops as they will contribute to the promotion of both our institute and our recitation center, and increasing our cooperation with the Presidency of Religious Affairs. For their contributions to the program, I would like to thank Ali Erbaş, Hafız Osman Şahin and all the others who will make presentations.”