The Book 'Bingöl Bee Flora And Polen Atlas' Is Publıshed

 As part of the Regional Development-Oriented Mission Differentiation and Specialization Project undertaken by Bingöl University in 2016, the bee flora and pollen atlas of a city have been published extensively for the first time in Turkey. In order to contribute to beekeeping in the Bingöl region and  reveal the characteristic botanical origin of bee products, the results of the laboratory analyzes (melissopalynology) and the extension of the field studies carried out with the project "Detection of the Bee Flora of Solhan and Genç Districts and Determination of Palynological Characteristics of Honey"  by a large team under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Rıdvan Polat were revealed. The editor and project coordinator of the book, Prof. Rıdvan Polat  said: “Two exhibitions titled "Bingöl Bee Flora" were held in cooperation with the project team in the congress and meeting organizations by PİKOM covering the years  of 2018-2020.It was apt to publish the data of Bingöl Bee Flora, which drew high attention from beekeepers and the public, in a book in cooperation with PİKOM, to bring out the data of Bingöl Bee Flora together with a wider international audience in regards to the Regional Development and Specialization mission undertaken by Bingöl University.”